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It is considered that kinetic molecular theory represents the basis of modern thermodynamics and the concept of temperature is intrinsically linked to the kinetic energy of gas particles .

But are indeed the concepts of kinetic molecular theory so firm and clear as theoriticians make us believe?

The book shows another side of thermodynamics, which completely eliminates the kinetic molecular theory, thermodynamic potentials, Nernst equation, etc.  Of course, a new theory of thermodynamics must be based on experiments and therefore a series of cut off experiments are presented on the website. Their interpretation will be complete in the book.

It is admirable the perseverance of actual leaders in science which follows a completely wrong and absurd way of doing science. Of course they are not leaders, but only merchants of information, and they go on based on inertia …

If something can be still put on the stake and sold, why not continue to sell?