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Although there have been raised a number of objections against the special theory of relativity since its publication in 1905, none of these have been able to convince the scientific community of another alternative.
There are a lot of books which claims the lifelikeness of special theory of relativity and on the other hand, other books trying to dismiss it.
The problem of contesting books regard their focus on the consequences of special theory of relativity, with all sort of paradoxes and no one has tried to explain in a alternative way the experiments which forms the grounds of special theory of relativity.
Therefore, the present book will be focused on the experiments which forms the kernel of special theory of relativity and a ,,common sense" alternative interpretation of phenomena is offered.
Light occupy a special place in relativity and consequently without a correct theory of light, the relativity theory will be full of gaps and inaccuracy. In a simplified presentation the proposed theory is based on Euclidian space and limited speed of light.
The proposed theory of relativity takes in evidence the objective situation of physical word existence and not the subjective opinion of an observer.
Actually, special theory of relativity held that motion is a merely relative phenomenon; more precisely, when two bodies are changing their relative position, it is not possible to say that one is moving while the other is at rest, since the occurrence is merely a change in their relation to each other.
A true theory of relativity must find a possibility to identify which body from an isolated two body system is in motion with or without an external reference. In proposed theory, space and time are independent and distinct aspects of physical world and they cannot be changed one to another or affected by state of matter.
Other delicate problems like Mach principle and centrifugal forces, equivalence between a gravitational mass and inertial mass are taken into discussion.