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NMR and quantum hypothesis

Nuclear magnetic resonance and quantum hypothesis

The experiment needs some improvement at an existent NMR device. If it is accepted the actual explanation regarding the basic principle of NMR, can we find another possibility to obtain a population inversion instead of using a variable magnetic field?
The idea of experiment is:
According to present theories, a cooled body emits electromagnetic radiations. Consequently, removing the sinusoidal and variable magnetic field, and using a cooling device, in the sample an inversion of population should appear; keeping the static magnetic field constant, the sample should emit electromagnetic radiations on the same frequency like in the presence of variable magnetic field.
The difference between actual working NMR device and proposed modification is illustrated in fig. 1, and as is observed only the radio frequency input is changed with a cooling device.


Figure 1. NMR device simplified

In the instrument, maintaining the H0 constant a sample is introduced and the spectra are registered by a pc.
What should happen according to actual quantum interpretation?
When a group of spins is placed in a magnetic field, each spin aligns in one of the two possible orientations. At room temperature, the number of spins in the lower energy level slightly outnumbers the number in the upper level.
Higher level = (spin up/α/N-/Parallel).
Lower level= (spin down/β/N+/Antiparallel).
The energetic difference between the α(spin up) and β (spin down) states is given by Boltzman statistics:
E is the energy difference between the spin states
k isBoltzmann's constant, 1.3805x10-23 J/Kelvin;
T is the temperature in Kelvin.
Without applying the radio frequency input, the system is in equilibrium (nothing is happening). Usually, the equilibrium is disrupting by applying a radio-frequency wave and the NMR spectra appear on pc desktop.
The same equilibrium can be disrupt if the radiofrequency input is eliminated, and the sample is cooled, up to let say 10ºK, considering the initial temperature 293 ºK. The spins in upper level must jump to lower level and of course an electromagnetic signal is expected to appear on the desktop.
Contrary to our expectation, the cooling device and the inversion of population produced by this method has no consequence an emission of an electromagnetic pulse.
In proposed theory a cooled body does not emit electromagnetic radiation. It is possible to warm a body using electromagnetic radiation, but this does not mean the same bodies will reemit electromagnetic radiation. A warmed body, when is cooled emits only corpuscular radiation (photons) up to a certain threshold, and under this, the cooling is made only by conduction or convection.