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Electromagnetism principles

About 20 years have passed since the first in a long series of articles that seek to establish a rational basis of exact sciences was sent for publication.
But although many years have passed, although some proposed experiments were requiring only existing laboratory equipment or replication costs were just simple ridiculous related to other researches costs .... nothing has changed ...
The reasons are many, but the most important ones remain those related to finance and pride.
It cannot be accepted that a ,,wild" who was not educated at top rated universities to come and change the rules and the foundations of science. And then it would be necessary to convert so many Ph. Ds, professors, researchers, etc. to become again students and give up to so many benefits ....
A rational science that might be build up spending a few percent of what is spent in this moment, it is not pleasing to many who justify several studies published in high IF journals with exorbitant costs.
But the truth is and will remain simple and will be formulated in simple words only when it becomes history: the whole modern science has got a wrong start with Galvani experiments, electric batteries and electrolysis phenomena; the rest is merely a modern and more complicated attempt to reconstruct a new ,,theory of epicycles".
For these reasons the new proposed experiments do not address directly to the researchers, but novices or amateurs ....
Of course, researchers are invited to repeat and explain them if they dare ......

Electromagnetism is considered the most trustful part of physics. There are a lot of physicists contesting the special and general theory of relativity, a small number contesting quantum mechanics, but none is contesting the actual electromagnetism. The present book eliminates the Maxwell equations as being invalid for any type of electric or magnetic experiment description. Generally, for other fields of physics it is quite difficult to design and to realize an experiment with a modest amount of money; for electro-magnetism it is possible to check the validity of actual theories even in the last undeveloped country with an insignificant budget. Some experiments proposed in atomic structure book and relativity are redesigned and even corrected. Those experiments were performed long time ago with a budget lower then the budget allocated from a developed country person for feeding his dog. It is time for the proposed theory to become mature, to expand and to express simple and ready to verify explanations for electro-magnetic experiments. In atomic book, I affirmed that Maxwell equations need some corrections. Now, I think that it is impossible to apply these equations in order to describe a simple electromagnetic experiment. The base of proposed theory is based on a new definition for electric current and this definition has nothing to do with a charge displacement. The definition of electric current is connected to a new definition of metallic bond already presented in atomic structure book. In proposed theory, the existence of ,,electron see" in a conductor is denied. The supplementary charge movement (if this exists in case of gases or even solid materials) is only a secondary effect of real electric current and as will be presented is an impediment and have some important consequences. In order to have a simple and intuitive overview of electric and magnetic phenomena, the book is structured in four parts:

1. Electrostatic

2.Magnetostatic and Magneticity - (former DC and AC currents are here);

3.Electromagnetic waves - they are different from electric currents and electrostatic,

4.Electrochemistry - interaction of electric current with matter (electrolytic cell, electrolysis, polarization, etc).

Sometimes it is possible to have an overlapping of effects. For example, an electromagnetic wave can induce an electric current in a circuit, but it is necessary to highlight the impossibility to assume a equivalence between these phenomena.